Sunday, November 11, 2012

Do-It-Yourself Flour

I love a good crockpot meal - throw it together and forget about it.  The chicken enchilada soup recipe truly could not have been simpler.  The ingredient list may look extensive, but it's all quite common and there's very little chopping or prep involved.  I will note that when combined the ingredients, I used an extra teaspoon of chipotle chili and a generous scoop of cumin, which - when directed to season to taste at the end - increased significantly.

Verdict (soup):  Spicy (though keep in mind my adjusted proportions) and satisfying, a soup rather than a stew without being watery or overpowering on the tomato front.  Recommended.

I admit:  I don't hold with buying all these specialty flours when you can make them.  The muffin recipe calls for self rising cake flour; well, you can make self rising flour and cake flour, so I just combined the proportions of extra ingredients for each.  Presto!

"I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" does not live up to its name.  I could immediately tell it wasn't butter.

I also overdosed on the vanilla.  Big surprise.  Moving on. 

Nine tablespoons of mini-morsels is a looot of mini-morsels, folks.  Don't be surprised when mixing them in.

The only small snag I ran into was the cooking time.  It says 15-16 minutes - it took a bit longer than that for me.  The tops will brown slightly before they're done.  A toothpick will not come out clean due to the prevalence of chocolate, but you can tell they're done because it will come out with nothing else but chocolate on it.

Verdict (muffins):  Moist, just sweet enough to satisfy, but not so sweet that they aren't appropriate for dinner or breakfastVery good!

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