Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Watched Pot

Made the black bean brownies first today, in my grand tradition of making dessert first.  Really not much to tell:  it's about as simple as making brownies from a mix.  The only thing I have to say is, don't use a small Oskar to puree the beans.  It is not big enough.  The liquid will leak.  This may have been why I ended up with thinner brownies than I would have liked.  It's also a bit difficult to tell when they're done.

Final verdict (brownies):  These are about as satisfying as the mix with butter and oil, with an added touch of darkness.  Why not?

Does anyone know how to boil milk?  As I started the chicken pot pie soup, I found it was impossible to get the pot to boil at a "low" temperature - and when I finally cleaned up, there was an unpleasant crust of (apparently) burnt milk on the bottom.  Besides that, the soup cooked up in a very seamless fashion.  The potatoes took a little longer than stated, but I also used larger pieces.  As a note, substituted a leek for the mushrooms and used an extra two ounces of frozen vegetables - assumed the calorie count would come out about the same.

Final verdict (soup):  This is a hearty chicken soup, almost a stew for the thickness.  It doesn't necessarily bring chicken pot pie to mind for me, but I found it filling and a good "bargain" for the quantity.

At the same time, I prepped the baked mozarella sticks.  Warning:  either I didn't coat my sticks nearly enough, or the mixture as advertised leaves a lot more waste than you would think.

Also - do not use a stoneware cookie sheet.  My theory is that the longer cooking time on the insulated sheet melted the cheese sticks instead of "frying" the outside as intended.  After turning them, I had to take them out when I felt the coating was slightly underdone, because they had started to ooze.  Further tip:  immediately remove the aluminum foil from the cookie sheet, or they'll keep melting.

Final verdict (mozzarella sticks):  These are decent, though I don't feel they transform the string cheese enough - I thought of string cheese when eating them.  Still, they're so easy that I'd like to try them again.

Meanwhile, I'm finishing up my Indian-flavored quinoa.  Update tomorrow ...

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