Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Excuse me while I wax OCD ...

My habit for cooking has been, whenever I browse a book or see a recipe on a show that interests me, or obsessively trawl the internet for cupcakes or ice cream, or have a random encounter with a harp student with a slow cooker ... or am visited by telepathic cooking gnomes ...

No, scratch that.

I print off or photocopy the recipe and stick it in a file - Meal, Side / Snack, Bread or Dessert.  Once I actually make something and decide it's worth keeping, it goes into another file with the same labels.  All of this, stored in a basket, held up by a bookend, tucked away in my office.  But the folders were splitting, their sheer quantity made it hard to find specific recipes, and the papers were beginning to get bent out of shape like neglected toddlers ... it was time for a change.

Commence an extensive process of digging up spiral folders, purchasing an insane number of writeable dividers with tabs, and then even more dividers ... and then after shuffling, sorting and labeling, I ended up with eight notebooks with labeled segments.

I tried to avoid being too granular; I also focused on categories that catered to the way I look for what I want to make. Which is why "Cookies and Bars" are the same division, but "Italian" is divided into "Pasta" and "Other."  I was, on the other hand, extremely amused that I had enough Sides that fell into "Cheese."

I guess I'm just that cheesy.

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