Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sinfully Good

Yesterday was an easy day in the kitchen - the menu was straightforward with only a few hitches.  I started with the ice cream, since it had multiple sit-and-rest portions ... and after all, life is uncertain:  make dessert first.

The strawberries macerate (what a great word!) in kirsch or, in my case, chambord, and sugar for about an hour.  (Interesting:  Firefox spellchecker does not recognize chambord, but does have kirsch.)  Then, blending with sour cream, heavy cream and a bit of lemon juice before into the fridge.

Before, I stated that I had forgotten to increase the quantity.  That turned out to be unnecessary here; however, the recipe did state that it made an extra quarter quart, so my jury is still out about the quantitative accuracy of The Perfect Scoop.

Final verdict (ice cream):  This is crazy, sinfully good - sweet and tart in the perfect proportions, not overwhelming on the fruit.  The texture is excellent, too - often, I find homemade ice creams tend to overfreeze, but not this one.

Next step, baked and chopped the sweet potatoes for the chicken bake ... then realized I had no bananas.  I rushed out and managed to get back in due enough time to finish the whole meal.  It's real quite simple:  apart from the bananas, the sweet potatoes and almonds, nothing else needed to be chopped.  I did manage to spray crushed pineapple all over myself, however.

I don't think I browned the chicken enough before the oven step, because it came out underdone and I ended up putting it back in, but that was a minor point.

Final verdict (chicken):  This is nothing special, but it's tasty, dead easy, and the cooked fruit "salad" that it's baked in is also enjoyable.

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