Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Perfect Scoop

I recently purchased an ice cream book called The Perfect Scoop (Lebovitz, Hata), a fantastic tome largely containing a large selection, primarily of unusual and unique flavors, such as apricot and pistachio, black pepper, pear and pecorino ... along with some basic staples.  So far, I've made two batches from this book:  a blueberry frozen yogurt and ginger ice cream.

The blueberry frozen yogurt was excellent, great depth of flavor - but more icy and less yogurt-y than I would have expected.  The ginger ice cream was too subtle for my tastes - I would either steep it longer or use more ginger.  Both batches, however, were a bit stingy for my ice cream maker, so I would increase the quantity of my next attempt from this book.

More later ...

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