Friday, February 24, 2012

Menu Plan: Weekend of 2/25

My menu this weekend is rather extensive, so I am going to have to space my timing out just so. I haven't made ice cream in an eon, and though - ironically - it snowed today, I want to get back to my favorite past-time. (Actually, the last time was not recorded, cinnamon ice cream over Christmas. Amazing stuff.) As to the whole menu:

Bow Ties with Warm Blue Cheese Sauce - Quick Fix Meals (Robin Miller)
Beef and Cannellini Bean Minestrone
Raspberry & Coffee Muffins - The Cupcake Calendar
Cake Batter Ice Cream


  1. Bow Ties sound good. can't wait to hear about the rest. I have never made ice cream.

  2. So Lindsey-kins, where was all this goodness when WE lived there??? I don't like ice cream and even *I* thought your cinnamon ice cream was special. I bought a pasta machine today and hope to use this blue cheese sauce for some sausage, mushroom and zucchini stuffed canneloni... please be sure to share :) Mom