Monday, September 5, 2011

The Sequel

Tonight, I threw together my other weekend meal - even though I hadn't finished up the joes last night as I'd planned to due to being out and about. I discovered I could multi-task while cooking these, always a dangerous thing ...

First task, shredding the rotisserie chicken. This is actually an alternate option versus turkey, which I haven't yet had occasion to use - but I decided to substitute this second time because the joes were made with ground turkey.

Muffins next, where I belatedly realized that, if one needs 5oz of raspberries, it would probably be much easier to weigh one ounce (from a 6oz package) and use the rest rather than trying to measure 5oz. The first time I made these, I commented on the lack of lemon: this time I seem to have gotten an even smaller lemon, for I poured considerably more than a half cup of milk into the juice ... and the resulting flavor turned out to be even less lemony.

While they baked, I prepped the casserole. I decided to use onion this time, which I didn't last time around and had some trouble with the step that needed it, but only used about a third of an onion. Don't think I will be doing it again: I just don't care for that residual onion taste. Bizarrely, discovered that I didn't have any ground mustard seed ... I know I've seen it somewhere! Luckily, it's only a second in the spice grinder.

The muffins took even less time to bake this time - nineteen minutes versus the twenty-five notated in the recipe - and so I was juggling to remove them while finishing the roux for the casserole. As before, I was pleasantly surprised how the combo of bread crumbs, swiss cheese and melted butter tended into a crumbly, satisfying topping.

Re-verdict (muffins): Satisfying and fruity, but perhaps a little too dry - this might have been the smaller lemon. Also be forewarned that they stick to the paper.

Re-verdict (casserole): This is a simple, homey and hearty casserole. It makes lots, and I love it ... not so much with the onions, though.

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