Monday, August 29, 2011

Frying Spices

Yesterday (and despite not having enough room in my fridge), I prepared dinner for the next two and a half days. The recipes were somewhat similar in structure: both were tomato-paste-inclusive (the first time I've risked using tomato paste in a while) and involved frying the spice mixture before adding other ingredients.

I did have some trouble with the potatoes: even after an hour and fifteen minutes and then warming them up today, they weren't wholly cooked to softness. So clearly, this book's idea of medium baking potatoes is different from my grocery store's ...

The rest could not have been easier. The sweet and sour chicken cooked up very similar to a Patak's mixture, minus making the sauce blend one's self. As a disclaimer, I did use regular yogurt rather than Greek yogurt and peanut oil rather than corn oil - I was lazy and it seemed appropriate, respectively.

Final verdict (chicken): An enjoyable, spicy chicken dish, easy to make - not particularly complex or nuanced, but good for a weekday meal.

Final verdict (potatoes): The cottage cheese stuffing is flavorful and jazzes up a simple potato. Again, ease is more of a factor in would-repeat than amazing taste, but they are tasty.

As a sidebar, I ventured into an Indian grocery on Sunday morning for curry leaves, and came out with some dried red chiles as well. Looking forward to trying them out - and so glad to have a potential source for other things I couldn't locate at my regular grocer, such as tamarind paste and paneer.

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