Friday, July 1, 2011

Menu Plan: Weekend of 7/2

This being a holiday weekend, I intend to cook for Saturday and Sunday, and then the plan is to buy hot dogs, potato chips and potentially some kind of other treat for 4th of July. So I will make decadent, questionably healthy food for the weekend, and then I will eat trashy, definitely unhealthy food for Monday. I can feel the pounds coming on

The line-up is a bit carb-heavy, but that's all right with me - I don't have a lot of vegetable recipes, something which my mother keeps chiding me for. I thought that the ice cream and cookies would go well together, so I am rather proud of coordinating those:

Skillet Carbonara Casserole - Unknown Cook's Country 2009 - 2010 issue
Corn Fritters - 500 Indian Recipes (Shehzad Husain, Rafi Fernandez, Mridula Baljekar and Manisha Kanani)

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