Friday, July 15, 2011

Menu Plan: Weekend of 7/16

It's been a busy, productive day: I even managed to finish my shopping before getting my menu up here, since there will be workmen invading the yard and making my dog crazy tomorrow. Maybe I can set off the smoke alarms again and traumatize her more. I seem to be using my stovetop a lot, though at least I'm not juggling three separate stovetop offering this weekend.

Instead, I'm going Mexican, indulging in some caffeination, and finishing off with a glug of India:

Layered Chicken and Black Bean Enchilada
Casserole - All Tried & True Slow Cooker & Casserole

Potatoes with Chorizo and Green Chillies - unknown

Cappuccino Cupcakes - How To Be A Domestic Goddess (Nigella Lawson)

Blackberry Lassi

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