Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Matter of Scale

So today I needed to buy creme fraiche ... and it wasn't until I got to the store that I realized the measurements on the recipe didn't line up with the measurements on the packaging.

I decided to ask at customer service on the off-chance they had a conversion tool. This seemed like a possibility ... and instead turned into a three person, one cellphone, one notebook borrowed from school supplies job as we surfed apps and could not find conversions from ounces into milliliters anywhere. I felt so bad, but it just spiralled out of hand. I left the store without an answer.

Turns out 8oz of creme fraiche is the same as liquid measurement, though - 1 cup. So I didn't have quite enough. Such is life, but I so much appreciate the valiant efforts of my fellow grocery store adventures.

Anyhow, cut the ice cream recipe to 2/3rds - so 1 cup creme fraiche, 2 eggs, a little bit less than the proscribed amount of mint (but as previously mentioned, all recipes from this sight are very intensely flavored as-is).

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