Friday, April 8, 2011

Menu Plan: Weekend of 4/9

This weekend, I am cruelly deprived of my microwave due to the machinations of it breaking down, so I had to be careful about my menu choices. I'm actually more concerned about reheating everything for Sunday, but I'll figure it out. Or ruin it terribly and eat it anyhow, one or the other.

I inadvertently ended up choosing by side dish first - started with the bread, wandered into sides, then realized the combo was far too starchy. So no bread this weekend, and a very peculiar combination of flavors that mysteriously appeal to my warped tastebuds:

Orzo with Peas and Mint -- Cook's Country (April / May 2009)

Pork Sausage Apple Loaf

Lemon Pudding Cake -- Cook's Country (unknown 2009 - 2010 issue)

Yes, my dinner is actually a breakfast meal, and still rather starchy. Hush! I am ruled by my tastebuds, and they say that loaf sounds delectable.

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