Friday, April 29, 2011

Menu Plan: Weekend of 4/30

I eschew ice cream this weekend, since it's been making my cooking marathon a bit lengthy ... probably back next week as its siren call lures me in (and it's hopefully warm enough I'll want more).

The roster for this weekend:

Oven-Baked Chicken Chimichangas - Cook's Country (Unknown 2009 - 2010 issue)
Sweet 'n' Corny Hoecakes
Chocolate Cheesecake - How To Be A Domestic Goddess (Nigella Lawson)

Looking at the hoecakes ... oops, I'm frying again, albiet a non-hard-core, shallow fry. No, I really don't learn.

One substitution note: rather than using all bittersweet chocolate, I'm using part bittersweet, part semi-sweet. My experience using Ghiradelli (which is what I have) in the past is that it's perhaps a bit too bitter ... and that's coming from someone who likes their chocolate dark. If it's too cloying, I'll know better for next time.

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