Friday, April 15, 2011

Menu Plan: Weekend of 4/16

I tried so hard not to describe this weekend's menu as potentially biting off more than I could chew, but it is the perfect description. I surrender to the pun.

In a triumph of hope over experience, I will be frying again, not once, but twice. If it goes pear-shaped this time, I will know not to do it in the future.

Here's the lineup:

Beef Koftas with Coriander & Mint - 500 Indian Recipes (Shehzad Husain, Rafi Fernandez, Mridula Baljekar and Manisha Kanani)
Grape & Walnut Raita - 500 Indian Recipes (same)
Indian Pea Soup* - 500 Indian Recipes (same)

Pistachio Ice Cream
Mini Fried Candy Bars - Claire Robinson

* = not to be confused with "Indiana Pea Soup," which my fingers insisted on writing.

This requires a delicate dance of timing one dish off the other, which means that one of two things will happen: I will utterly fail, and have one portion of the meal completely well in advance of the other, or (as has happened thus far) my delays will cancel each other out and serendipitiously have me finishing at the same time despite.

In other news, I cannot wait until Blogger fixes their problem with removing line breaks from posts ...

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