Friday, March 18, 2011

Weekend of Deprviation

Having not yet chucked the pounds I put on the previous week, I will not be cooking this weekend. However, I did want to comment on a restaurant adventure yesterday, in which I very bravely followed my flutist friend into a Japanese restaurant. I usually avoid these because I'm not fond of fish, and many other kinds of seafood seem "wrong" to me because they have that same, slimy texture - and because as a less-than-vegetable-lover, other forms of sushi have me squinting dubiously and taking exceedingly tiny bites.

I had a great time and a good lunch. Had two little California rolls (I think!), a mysterious pork dumpling, sticky rice, and spicy chicken. My friend showed me how to mix the wasabi in with the dipping sauce, and of course, I promptly made a mess of the table.

I discovered a further revelation in the form of pickled ginger. I adore ginger. I'm obsessed with ginger. It's amazing pickled, and I almost succumbed to the urge to buy some today, but refrained as my next's week dining doesn't really have anything like an Asian flare. Except for the Indian dish, and I think I'd better stick to regular ginger there.

Of course, I'm all proud of myself for trying it and not wimping out. My friend was very understanding when I asked her to taste-test the mysterious nibbles first - we had ordered the same package, just with different main dishes - because she knows I'm allergic to actual fish. Could not stomach the chicken-and-shrimp balls ... shrimp is too fishy for my tastebuds.

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