Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekday Wilderness

Today, my mother and I cooperated to make Creamy Sweet Potato and Rosemary Soup. By cooperating, you should read that I conned her into doing all the knife-work. The shallots were intense - so much so that after they hit the pan, I had to close my eyes and almost couldn't open them again. Opened my eyes. Leaned over the pan. Went spinning away again. Yowsa.

Massive dutch oven had a bit too much surface area for easy use of the immersion blender. (Of course, immersion blender is older than my harp, which is starting to get long in the tooth itself, so I'm sure that didn't help.) The rosemary leaves aren't unpleasant, but it's worth getting some of the individual leaves out as well as the stems. The maple syrup and mascarpone may be gilding the lily, but it's a lily that tastes so perfect with gold plate.

Final verdict: Too sweet? No such thing. The soup is well-balanced for dinner and I wouldn't change a thing, except using a stew pot. My mother and I paired it with cinnamon raisin bread turkey sandwiches. (Another combination well worth trying.)

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