Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nuts! (And Other Things Nigella Lawson)

In luxuriously drifting through the divine Nigella Lawson's divinely humorous How To Be A Domestic Goddess, I've noticed how frequently nuts appear in the recipes. Now, I used to be opposed to nuts in dessert, and I still dislike them in brownies: I hate having the silky smoothness interrupted. However, I've grown fond of nuts in both cooking and baking, though my favorite nuts are pine nuts and pistachios. I love the sneaky sweetness of pine nuts in particular; they're excellent baking nuts.

My next-favored nut is the more common almond. Chestnuts, walnuts and pecans, I can generally take or leave - I'm not fond of either the taste or the texture.

I was pleased to discover in the Chocolate chapter that Ms. Lawson shares my feelings about said substance: she's not inordinately fond of it, but believes when put to best use, it should be quality and subtly applied.

The Chocolate chapter, as in recipes that include it as an ingredient, was followed by the Children chapter, as in recipes that ... darn. Well, it's hard to get ripe children for dissection in this neighborhood anyway.

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