Thursday, March 3, 2011

Menu (Non) Plan: Weekend of 3/5

This weekend, my mother is flying in to visit, so I don't have a firm dining plan. I have a few dinners pulled from my file that I think she might like, and I'm going to ask her what she would prefer. I will also be throwing together one of my Indian creations ... which are getting to be a structured dish in of themselves, so perhaps I will post on the construction thereof.

However, on Saturday morning, I will be making a Rosemary Loaf Cake from Nigella Lawson's "How To Be A Domestic Goddess." This book is sheer joy: I could simply sit and read it for pleasure. Her commentary on the recipes, and even the way she phrases the directions within, is hilarious and occasionally poetic. And a book that talks about easy ways to look (or rather, cook) impressive? Sign me up.

I don't feel like buying self rising flour separately, so I am taking a small risk by looking at high-rated recipe / substitutes for it online. It's not any more complicated than adding baking powder and salt to the recipe. Stay tuned to find out if I eat my words (and not the cake).

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