Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Calorie Counting Mad Science

Clearly, boredom, hunger, frustrated writer instinct, and the necessity of sticking to a particular calorie count are forces to be reckoned with ... and possibly banished to the frozen wastes. Preferrably aforesaid wastes should not include a pantry with plenty of also-frozen goodies.

Dinner started out sensibly enough, albiet with a slightly radical idea: I decided to have ravioli with a yogurt-and-pesto sauce. As I mixed the sauce, I decided it needed a little something else, so I added a little fresh rosemary and some dried thyme. (I added way too much thyme due to a shaker malfunction. As in the bottle, not as in the religious order. I managed to scoop some of it out.)

Then, however, I started pondering what else I could add. Rummaging in the freezer, I found frozen blueberries, and for some reason, that looked perfect. I also found peas, and decided that green vegetables were obligatory. Or at least one green vegetable, rosemary presumably not counting. Half a cup of each, defrosted and mixed in. I taste-tested again, and decided it needed a little sweet, so the next contribution was cinnamon.

The result? Surprisingly tasty. A tangy blend of acid and sweet. The yogurt and the cheese in the ravioli blends together with two different creamy textures. I slightly undercooked the peas, but that's not an ingredient issue. My only gripe is I'd like to thicken the sauce - it's a bit too runny. But the better to lick it off the plate after.

No, really. The better to lick it off the plate.

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