Friday, February 11, 2011


Late night cravings prompted me to add this to Sunday's menu:

Roasted Pears With Blue Cheese

Sounds like an excellent contrast to everything else I'm making and gets away from the starch attack. Oven-roasted fruit is awesome. However, there is still cheese. Already decided - even though reviewers have mentioned the sweetness - that I'm going to use my remnant amount of candied walnuts instead of regular walnuts. Bring it, sugar.

Then I defeat my own purpose by deciding to use a "regular" red wine (which begs the question what irregular red wine is) rather than the port. I can't justify cracking open a fairly expensive reserve port for a couple tablespoons. Specifically, I'll be using my Tractor Shed Red from last week.

I'm having a bit of trouble trying to figure out how to cut this recipe down, six servings (three pears) being a bit too much for little ol' me. I can't halve it, as I think the grocery store would object if I brought a knife and procured myself one and a half pears. Trying to figure out what two-thirds of the recipe is promises to be eye-crossing. Well, this is why math is important.

Yes. For cooking. Who needs to balance a checkbook?

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