Friday, February 4, 2011

Menu Plan: Weekend of 2/5/11

Landmark: I now have a recipe box! It's just one of those grommet boxes sometimes used for storage with a bookend in it, and the recipes currently don't even fill the bookend (pressed flush to the near side), but I will overpower it, mark my words.

This weekend, I strike up a friendship with my slow cooker. We have been acquaintances before now, with the occasional outing to keep meatballs warm, but given the name - slow cook - I think we will become good friends indeed.

Here's the plan, in rough chronological order of preparation, albiet not consumption:

Beef Stew With Chocolate
S'mores Cheesecake Bars
Corn Spoon Bread

I seem to be craving cheese: I set out dessert recipes to choose, realized of the four I had chosen, three had a cheese base, and then when I turned to dinner, first started to drool over a sage butter and four cheese macaroni dish. I decided to go with the stew because I haven't had red meat in a while, and because I couldn't find a recipe that used cat meat.

Substitutions: 2, all in the stew

At my mother's recommendation, I am using beef consomme and a bit of beef bouillon instead of beef broth. I am neglecting the mushrooms. (No one call social services on me.)

Trawling for wine, I found in my inherited wine box: Sangria, a reserve port, two ice wines, a $30 Riesling, a moscato, a rose and more red blends than you can shake a stick at. Especially if you're drunk. Lacking a pure Merlot (that's an oxymoron), I chose a 2006 Tractor Shed Red, which is a Sangiovese / Merlot / Zinfandel blend. I had to Google how to use a corkscrew.

Oh, I wish I were joking.

Anyhow, I need to make sure I get to the grocery store earlier than usual tomorrow so I can get the soup started. Cheerio!

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