Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cooking Class (Part I)

I completely forgot to mention that I signed up for a three-part cooking class a local store. It's a demonstration class with sampling portions, not hands-on - which is probably a good thing, because at some point you'd probably find my detached hands on someone else's station. Of course, because I was going to be eating / taking notes, I promptly sat on the right side of the room closest to the wall ... and then moved. Left-handed. Don't need to be elbowing my tablemate throughout.

Of course, I was one of only two people who even had a notebook, and I was the only person who used it, scribbling assiduously at points, so I'm sure I looked like a nut ... but who really thinks they're going to remember everything? It's possible I won't even read the notes, but the physical act of writing helps imprint it in my head.

I learned a lot from the class. For instance, for those uncertain with a knife, leave the tip on the board while cutting. More importantly - surprisingly basic, but I never thought about it - your basic cutting position should be comfortable. Sweating is not just an issue of personal hygiene: it's cooking in the juices with oil, on a lower heat setting than sauteing. Eggs should be cracked on a flat surface (not the edge of a bowl) to better avoid getting shell in the white / yolk.

Proof I'm a geek: while notating that table salt is in the form of a cube, I wrote "is (superscript 3)" - to the third power or cubed.

Skill quiz: pronounce zabaglione while looking at the word. I dare you.

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