Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kitchen Tips

Every profession or hobby has its own tips or tricks, and frequently, they're a matter of personal preference. As William Jackson once said, "If you get the best sound out of your harp by playing with your nose, play with your nose." (I do not recommend cooking with your nose, as it would be decidedly unsanitary.)

Being a new cook, every time I hear one of these culinary hints, I bask in the light of its brilliance. Truly, the ideal way to cut mango is an art for the ages.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

1. Always crack eggs into a separate bowl. (I've never had a bad egg or a double yolk, but it only takes one. Or two.)
2. If measuring liquid substances, measure the oil first. It helps everything after slide out.
3. If juicing a lemon by hand, hold it sliced side up to squeeze. It helps prevent the seeds from popping out in the bowl.
4. You can never have too much cinnamon.

What are some of yours?

1 comment:

  1. Best things I ever learned: (1) read a recipe ALL the way through before you start. Sounds logical but not everyone does and it's frustrating to find out you need cilantro (sorry, Lindsey - not you, but normal people). (2) Mise en place...so much easier to prepare a meal and you don't find out you are missing cilantro (sorry, Lindsey, again - not you, but normal people) (3) Use a garbage bowl lined with plastic grocery bags to dispose of your meal debris as you work...at end, just tie up ends and toss or compost. (4) Don't visit kitchen stores - it leads to cooksware lust.