Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Inner Editor Never Sleeps ...

Grocery shopping this morning, I studied the display of peppers thoughtfully. And I thought, "Hmm, I hope that's a typo and there's not another type of pepper called pablano."

I've never seen poblanos in person, so I was shocked with how big they were. They're also this particularly disturbing shade of green. I'm a little afraid of them crawling out of the veggie keeper and taking over the kitchen.

Who knew that the ingredient I would have to scour two stores for was a plain rotisserie chicken? I thought about using the lemon pepper chicken, but I've never made this recipe before, so I don't know how it would interact with everything else. Definitely the chicken disassembly carnage will be done ahead of time, as last time it took me forever.

I also realized last night (when I was supposed to be sleeping) that I would need a cookie cutter for the cookies. The only one I could find on my shelf that was the appropriate size was heart-shaped.

Help, help! I'm making girly-girl cookies!

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