Saturday, January 29, 2011

Grate Expectations

Note to self: when dealing with cayenne pepper, do not lean over bottle and inhale deeply.

The muffins went well this morning. Ironically, I think I did use about 3.14159 carrots: I found three quarters that totalled 5oz, but I wasn't able to grate them completely, so I added an extra piece to make sure I had enough carrot.

I also discovered that I was supposed to have mini muffin tins. I do have them, but I thought they were the wrong size - the recipe called for "deep" mini muffin tins, which I suppose means they need doctorates in philosophy - so I decided instead to use regular muffin tins, where I *knew* I had the wrong size.

Final verdict: The finished product looks disturbing. They're pocked, bulbous, orange ... things. They're tasty, but a little bland: the cream cheese was definitely needed. And the orange turned out to be more pronounced than the recipe indicated. Or maybe I just used a really big orange. I'm not sure the taste is fixable: I'd add more cayenne, personally, but not that might not be to everyone's taste. Still, there's something oddly addictive about them. Definitely an "eat with something" muffin, though. Very easy to overbake: it's hard to tell when they're done. Grease tin rather than using papers - it sticks.

After returning from rehearsal, we enter the "traumatize the dog" phase of this evening's festivities. Pounding the Skor bars requires a mallet and an amount of racket that convinces my little furry friend the sky is falling, I'm mad at her, or both. I'm a veteran at this tart: it's an easy assembly, and I was able to get the pseudo-raita started as I worked.

At this point, I went off the reservation, even after I had moved the reservation in the first place due to its proximity to Cucumberville. Due to long practice, it was late and I hadn't even started dinner yet, and I couldn't stand to grate anything else ... so instead of being grated, the celery and carrot went into thr Oskar. The Oskar is my friend. How good a friend? You know the saying, "Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies ..." If my Oskar ever commits homicide, I am right there with it.

So ... finely chopped rather than grated. I ran out of steam at about 3/4ths of a cup, and thought any more would be too much, anyhow. I used an appropriate amount of minced garlic rather than fresh. (The Oskar also helped me with the mint. Yeah, yeah, yeah.) And I'd grabbed low fat yogurt. All that said ...

Final verdict: Absolutely perfect with spicy Indian food. Would make again exactly as-is (which is very little like the original recipe) ...

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