Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Evil Plans (Purpose and Format)

The purpose of this blog is to a) entertain; b) provide reviews and commentary upon recipes; and c) hopefully make the reader feel better about their own kitchen mishaps.

In light of the second goal, if the recipe is available online, I will link to it. If the recipe is in a book or magazine, I will provide the specific source ... if I have any clue where I found it in the first place.

My recipe adventures tend to be limited to the weekends for two reasons: time and weight maintenance. I'm on a moderate diet during the week and cut loose on weekends. However, I do like to play around with a lot of specialty sauces and mixes during the week, and if I think these are intriguing / bizarre / good enough to share, I shall feel free to.

If I'm going to cook a particular weekend, you'll likely see the recipes Friday and then the gory aftermath Saturday. Comments on the shopping itself possible, seeing as I have traumatized the workers at my local grocery store asking for things. Sometimes, it's an easy answer, but come on, *I* would have put condensed and evaporated milk with the MILK-milk. Ditto coconut milk. Oh, if only a grocery store operated like a search engine.

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  1. That you even expect everything to work like Google is your father's fault. ~m